Go Back to Jesus

I was walking to a restaurant tonight with one of my best friends and out of nowhere a woman walking passed told us “Go back to Jesus.”  We both looked at each other and back at her to make sure she was speaking to us and she turns to me and said “You in the purple shirt, go back to Jesus.”  It was such a bizarre experience and caught both of us completely off guard.  

As we sat down to eat, my friend asked me if I thought she directed it at me because she thought I was gay.  In all honesty, besides the purple dress shirt that I was wearing, I do not come across as being particularly flamboyant or fashionable.  Almost embarrassingly, my boss wore the exact same shirt to work today so I doubt that it had anything to do with looking a particular way.  Still, I could see how compared to my friend who was simply wearing a T-shirt and jeans, I could possibly have come across as looking a certain way… though I still can’t imagine it. 

Regardless of the woman’s intentions, due to how out of the blue her comment was made, it stuck with me.  As I drove home tonight, I continued to mull over her words and wonder if God may have given her a word that I needed to hear.  I know that regardless of how simple a statement it is, I do need to “go back to Jesus.”  I am caught up in my life’s circumstances.  I constantly am allowing myself, my friendships, my community and my church to dictate my view and relationship with God.  

I was reading Isaiah 6 this morning and was struck by the overwhelming awareness of Isaiah’s  sinfulness in response to being in the presence of God.  God purifies Isaiah through the coal brought from the alter.  Only once his sin is atoned for and guilt taken away is Isaiah able to be in the presence of God.  For myself, it is only by the blood of Christ that I am able to be in God’s presence.  As simple as a concept as that is, I constantly am working my way towards a connection with God and I need to recognize that my efforts are futile.  

As strange as it was, perhaps the word to “Go back to Jesus” is the very thing I need to hear and be reminded of right now.  


2 thoughts on “Go Back to Jesus

  1. I tracked you from Matt Moore’s blog (cue shrieking violins here )..

    I had a hyper-masculine boss once who absolutely DESPISED gays, apparently (he fired a woman because he didn’t like lesbians from what I was told) … and he wore pink pants to work on a few occasions. Well … more faded red than pink but still …

    Perhaps if you were dressed as one of our nation’s “godly” forefathers, that woman may have been more inclined to think you were heterosexual. You know: powdered wig, silk stockings, etc. Oh wait, that’s what drag queens wear.

    Man, it’s hard to keep ahead of these arbitrarily assigned cultural ideas of what it means to be “masculine”!

  2. Dear Sojourner,
    I have to say, yes the Lord is capable of using a total stranger to get our attention.
    I agree with you life can totally interrupt our relationship with the Lord, and He knows and understands it. It’s the little things in life which can become big things, I know I walk through that all the time, but I must say, once we “try” and spend time with the Lord, we still need to ask Him to bring us closer to Him. And “whatsoever we ask, believing, He shall do it”
    It took me many years to realize that sometimes when I asked I didn’t really believer He would answer. And it was the Lord through the Holy Spirit that revealed that to me. Now when I ask I do believe He will answer, in His time and according to His Will.

    Our flesh is very weak, and it is within that weakness, He can be strong. Sometimes we will struggle with doubt because the loneliness, the weariness of our failures, and the weariness of our needs can interrupt our trust and faith in Him. But always be assured that it is all based on His Faithfulness to us, not our faithfulness to Him, because He is always perfect, and always interceding on our behalf.

    I have come to realize and believe more and more: Php_1:6 Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:

    The Lord also brought me out of and saved me from the Homosexual lifestyle. It has been a long haul, but He has done it and still is. We will ALWAYS need Him to be our everything, and when something gets in the way of that, He will bring us back, because He is OUR EVERYTHING in ALL things.

    The Lord bless you and keep you in His love. Because His love is the real deal, because He is Real and alive, and everything else in this world can never match up to that!

    In His Eternal Love
    A brother in Christ with the same struggles.

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