Which Command is More Important?

In the New Testament, Jesus gives two commands:

1. “Follow me.”

2. “Go and sin no more.”

While there are other commands that are more important (i.e. love the lord God with all of your heart), and these are not mutually exclusive commands, I feel as though Christians tend to have a leaning towards one or the other in their spiritual walk.  This leads to a heavy influence on relationships and how we tend to encourage one another in our pursuit of God.

I constantly see this as I work with my youth group.  For the most part, my guys are all good kids.  None of them are openly rebellious or kids that are disrespectful.  They are reaching a point however, where they are realizing the logic their parent’s fed them (i.e. a relationship with God is doing what is right) isn’t panning out.  They are doing what is right but deep down don’t feel as though they really know and experience God.

Perhaps it is only me, but I know I experience God the most through my own screw ups, failures, and struggles.  I know I can’t make it through this life on my own and so the deep grace and mercy of God is really the only I have to hold onto.  Somedays I remember that, other days I don’t.

I wish the church might start leaning more towards the importance of following Jesus, rather than doing what is right.  Usually when you begin following Christ, your actions are also transformed.  Attempting to do what is right and not sin usually only leads to a point of disappointment as we repeatedly fail.


5 thoughts on “Which Command is More Important?

  1. Dear Sojourner,
    I understand and agree, I was raised a Baptist as a youngster, loved being involved with the choir. ‘Boys Brigade’, and Sunday School, even won a book, because I read the most amount of scriptures (over a thousand).

    But the problem was, though I “repeated the sinner’s prayer”, and was baptized, and tried being a good boy during the week, it never turned out right, so I longed to go back to church on Sunday because it helped me feel rejuvenated and ready to start anew, but all it did was bring about much further failures, and deeper sins into homosexuality.

    When the Lord saved me, in my room back in 1978, by myself, no bible, nor a human being with me, it was just this tract, and the Lord, which revealed the truth of my life, and granted me the grace to face it and confess my sin……homosexuality he revealed was not an acceptable life-style, and that it was a sin, and there was not condemnation whatsoever!
    It was at THAT time I was truly “born-again” of His Spirit.

    My time in the Calvary Baptist Church in Whittier, California proved to be “religion” and NOT a true relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. When the Lord saved me 36 years ago this month, THAT started a REAL relationship with Christ, because I knew HE WAS TRUE AND REAL, and He has kept me all these years. It’s not been easy, and many dark times, but this relationship is REAL, and He is the Lover of my Soul, He took up my life when my Mother and Father failed me. He is NOW truly my everything.

    So the young people in your group may be going through the same experience. But never fear, though they may walk away, the Lord is able to bring them into His fold, and truly reveal what a REAL Christian walk is all about. And it’s not what is in the local churches.

    The Lord bless you……..
    In His Eternal Love…….

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