More Than A Month Due

I cannot believe it has been over a month since I last wrote on here.  The last few weeks have been absolutely insane and unfortunately I have had to put this blog on the back burners for a while.  I hope that I can start writing again but I know that towards the end of last month I really felt as though I lost my vision behind this blog.  I think I may need to refocus and figure out what my intent is for when I write.

I feel as though I need to refocus my life in general.

So much has happened over the past month, one of which has been that I moved closer to my church.  Even though my commute to work is now longer and rent is far more expensive, I am hoping to be able to invest in my church since it is something I really haven’t done.  I have a grip load of issues with the church but I know that unless I am doing my part to minister to the body, I really don’t have a foot to stand on.  This whole transition has been a bit frightening but I have seen a few glimpses already of God working in the relationships that I have with friends from church.  I am waiting in expectation of other great things that God is going to be doing through this new community.