Your Wife Breathes Fire That God Can’t

I have heard the same comment several times now from many of my married friends.  When asked about their struggle with porn and masturbation now that they are married, they all pretty much have said “it has become a lot easier, especially since the ramifications are much greater since it can now hurt someone else.”  I understand that once you are married and having sex, the temptation isn’t nearly as bad.  I also recognize that not wanting to hurt one’s spouse is a important reason to stay true to one’s marriage and not look at porn.  The part that bothers me is this…  Why has a spouse been able to light a fire under your ass that your relationship with God never could?

Every time I hear this response from my friends, I can’t help but feel as though their relationship with their wife has a higher impact on their life than God ever did.  Especially when such comments are followed by telling me that I wouldn’t understand since I am not committed to a spouse, I really feel as though people’s priorities are not in the right order.  Why should a man’s desire to not disappoint their wife ever be more impactful than the desire to pursue and please God?  I am excited for my friends and the fact that they are making headway in their struggle with lust.  None of them are so naive to think that marriage is the solution either.  It has always seemed slightly ironic what a man is willing to do for a woman… but not for God.


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