My Own Personal Hell

Last night I was hanging out with some guys and we somehow got into a conversation about our own personal kind of hell.  It was a very light hearted conversation as we shared some of the things in life that would make eternity in hell suck even more if it was personalized to our pet peeves.  I think it all started out due to a crying child behind us… thus someone said, that their personal hell would be eternity with crying infants.

After the first example, each person started throwing out their ideas.  Hell would be having to forever iron dress shirts.  Hell would be a continual to do list given to you by your wife, while she goes out with her friends.  Hell would be room temperature coffee being the only beverage.

I told them that hell would be the 5 minutes at church where everyone is suppose to greet the person next to them… except those 5 minutes would last for eternity.  Oddly enough, everyone agreed and related most to my example.  I think it is ironic how every church I know of has the time to meet and greet your neighbor and yet everyone hates it.  It is impossible to actually connect with someone during that time nor does it adequately allow for a new person to feel welcomed.  So why the hell do all churches still create such a hellish moment in their service?


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