Ramblings on Heaven and Marriage

Would you want to go to heaven even if Jesus wasn’t there?

I believe this question was posed to me at church once.  It really puts into perspective whether I am focused on saving myself or if I am truly desiring a relationship with my Lord and Savior.

I often question whether the church here on earth is anything like what God intended the kingdom of God to look like.  As I stumble through my journey with the church, it is very easy for me to be cynical.  Perhaps my greatest fear is that if the kingdom of God is what the church is like today, I know I don’t belong.  However, according to scripture and what I discern to be true, I know it simply cannot be so.  But I digress.  I actually wanted to pose another question of my own…

Would those of you who are married still view heaven just as ideal if Jesus was there but you were no longer married to your spouse?  Would you change your focus in life or the church if this were true?



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