Diaper Jesus

Sometimes I am completely caught off guard by the circumstances and moments God uses to convict me of something in my life.  Today at work, I was getting frustrated with my student, who seemed to have regressed and forgotten all the progress we had made over the last two weeks.  Mondays are always the toughest days at a school for special needs because all of the students return from being at home for the weekend, where most of them have had no structure at all.  My kid must of had a particularly rough weekend because he immediately began ripping off his clothes and testing me in any way he possibly could.  Needless to say, my patience began to dwindle rather quickly.

Half way through the day, I went into the bathroom to change my student’s diaper.  The diaper his father sent was unusually large and so I did my best to pull it tight onto him, even though it probably could have been large enough to fit Shaquille O’Neil.  Anyways, one of my co-workers walked in and laughed about the fact that my student looked like Jesus… since he was naked except for a large white cloth pulled him.  While my co-worker was simply making a joke, a sense of conviction flooded over me.  Immediately, I felt ashamed for losing my temper with him earlier and I was reminded about how even the “least of these” are still precious in the eyes of God.

I want to learn to see everyone the way Jesus sees them.  While my students may be very low functioning with each of their individual special needs, the ironic thing is that I forget that I have my own special needs as well.  In fact, there are probably many instances where I am far more needy than they ever will be.


3 thoughts on “Diaper Jesus

  1. What an amazing post. It definitely isn’t easy, trying to see Jesus in the people I interact with. Would I lose my patience as quickly if I did that regularly? Thank you for the reminder!

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