Scam My Spring Break Away

This week was supposed to be my spring break.  I was hoping to go camping or go on a road trip, however none of my plans worked out.  Instead, I had one of the worst weeks of my life… and mainly due to mistakes I made.  To begin with, I got in an accident and totaled my car.  Thankfully no one was hurt but I didn’t have collision and as a result my car was a complete loss.  I spent a few days borrowing a car, while I searched around for a car to buy.  I found a good deal online and to make a long story short, I got scammed.  Trusting people has never been my strength and yet the one time that I do, it backfires on me.  It was not exactly the way I wanted to spend my days off…

As I experienced these major low moments, I seriously tried my best to remain faithful to trusting in God.  It was so hard.  Even though I was to blame for the mistakes, I continued to try to place blame on anyone other than myself… including God.  Deep down I felt that regardless of the foolish choices I had made, God could have prevented it.  Even as I was going up searching for a car, I was continually in prayer, asking God for wisdom.  Why didn’t He come through?

Already, I have been struggling to get a grasp on life.  When all of the crap hit the fans, I could not help but feel helpless and that I always get screwed in life.  For once I wish that things would simply go my way.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the road that God has planned for me.  All I can assume is that the lessons I needed to learn were far greater than the financial loss that I experienced as I got scammed.  It is also always so hard to remember in the moment that those difficult times will pass.  But they do… and God is always good in the midst of that.  I am recognizing more and more that I cannot let my relationship with God get affected by the circumstances that I am in.  Thank God He remains the same and never changes.


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