She’s Interested, I’m Not

I rarely pick up on when a girl likes me.  It has happened previously in the past, but I usually find out from someone else two years later (or even longer).  I went to a Starbucks the other day and had a nice conversation with the barista behind the counter while I ordered my drink.  She commented on the fact that I looked familiar to someone (which I get all the time) and asked if I had ever been told that I look like Jim from The Office.  We chatted for a little and I didn’t think much of it until later on while I was sitting down reading she came up and offered me a free scone.  As I went to leave, I thanked her for the scone and we shared a few words.

I went back to the same Starbucks today.  The same girl was behind the register again and when I walked up, she clearly remembered me.  “You came back!” she said, and quickly shared a look with her co-worker.

I will have to admit, I enjoyed the attention.  Even though I had zero attraction towards her, it felt good to be noticed.  It is unfortunate that I don’t get to experience a normal life and see how things like this play out.  While the likelihood of me ever getting married is slim, I still hope that somehow, someday, I will find a women who I fall in love with and is willing to walk through this life with me.  The fact that I even noticed the girl’s interest is a spark of hope…


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