Too Few For The Church?

Deep down, I have a desire to see the church step forth into a new light regarding their awareness of issues regarding homosexuality and more specifically celibate Christian men and women within their community who have same sex attractions.  It hurts me to see how a blanket statement is thrown over all Christians as being the main example of hatred and bigotry towards homosexuals.  The church has a long way to go and on more than one occasion I have had people ask if I would ever be willing to lay aside the control I have on who knows my story and be willing to be the face to the issue by address the church.  At this point I don’t believe I am ready.

There may come a day where I could see myself addressing a larger group regarding this issue, however I feel as though I am going to have to learn a lot of humility and reliance on God before that day comes.  Furthermore, I know I owe it to all of my close friends to share with them my story directly before they find out through word of mouth.

As much as I desire to see the church move forward, I have had some doubts about how that should even take place.  While our story or voice is never heard in the church, are we so small of a minority that it isn’t worth addressing our needs with the church as a whole or in a men’s group?  There are so many others, all struggling with their own respective issues that I can’t help but wonder if I am being selfish for wanting the church to grow in awareness of those struggling with S.S.A.


2 thoughts on “Too Few For The Church?

  1. Please speak. We need your voice. You may be a minority, but the whole church thinks about this issue, and we *need* to think about it. Here, in the issue of S.S.A. and homosexuality, the heart of the church is revealed for what it is. We need it revealed, we need to be challenged – and you all need a place, desperately. We sin against you constantly by not making space for you in the places you naturally belong – among us, because you love God too.

    I know it’s not simple as just saying “speak.” And, I know deeply that that kind of risking vulnerability can sometimes come with a price, one that is hard for us to ask you to pay. But I do hope that you will follow your desire forward, and that you will realize that your story with all the questions and doubts, pain and struggle in some strange redemptive way is a gift which reveals us and may move us forward to shalom and wholeness as the whole body of Christ.

    Grace and peace to you…

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