Reject, Receive, or Redeem

This morning I was mediating a bit on the Christian’s response to homosexuality.  The blogs, news, and politics are chalk full of opinions and debate.   Somehow I feel as though, we Christians are missing the point.  We are yelling louder than we are listening. In the past, I have heard the “Reject, Receive, and Redeem” model used before regarding cultural shifts that seem to go against common Biblical understanding.  While this is simplified (I am fully aware of that), here are a few thoughts using that model…

Reject, Receive, or Redeem:

1. Reject: We can state that anything related to homosexuality is a sin.  Any attraction, behavior, or product stemming from homosexuality is inherently wrong.  The church should remain pure and holy by removing itself by completely rejecting all things homosexual.

2. Receive:  We can accept it with open arms.  If someone realizes they are gay, they should take pride in that and accept it as who they are and were created to be.  Our religious views need to continue to be molded as culture changes.

3. Redeem:  We can recognize that all are broken and yet God has a plan of redemption within our brokenness.  As vessels and ambassadors of Chist here on earth, the church can focus their attention more on their role to redeem those who have a same sex attraction with eternity in mind, rather than channeling their efforts to fight a losing, earthly battle against a fallen world/culture.

I find the question that needs to be asked is what does it tangibly look like for the church to make an effort to redeem the issue and the people dealing with homosexuality?



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