My Pride Before God

Never in the Bible is pride mentioned as part of the armor of God, and yet more often then not, it is the primary defense of most Christian men.  While money may be the root of many evils, in reality it can be said that all sins stem from pride.  Pride is the reason we protect ourselves.  It is the source for our selfishness.  It is the reason we cannot be open with one another and live transparent lives.

For me, pride is the reason I feel inadequate amongst my peers.  It is why my time of unemployment is viewed as a shameful period, rather than a time of refinement where God is preparing me for my next step.  Pride is the reason why I am so vain and desire what others have.  Pride is the reason why I feel the need to protect myself rather than trusting in God to do His work in and through me.  Pride restricts me from living life freely and abundantly.  My pride is the reason why I live life for the approval and validation from others instead rather than letting my identity be built upon how Christ views me.

All seven of the capital vices stem from pride.  While the church focuses and judges individuals on outward sins such as homosexuality, divorce, adultery, pornography, and lust, rarely do we hear anyone being called out due to their pride.  It is a shame, particularly since pride is usually the reason why I try to replace God in my life and instead rely upon my self.  Oh, how foolish I can be.


One thought on “My Pride Before God

  1. Hi there. I definitely agree with what you say here. What you say about Christian men and pride are indeed true. It is a shame, indeed…I understand because at times it gets to me, too, and pride can be quite subtle. The Gospel of Christ is the exact opposite – it’s not about what we do, what we achieve, or what we create at all, but it’s all what Jesus Christ did on the cross. God bless you.

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