Great Posts I Stumbled On

There are so many areas in these posts that I can relate to…

The F Word – Part 1

“Christian men are afraid of being perceived as gay or remotely gay or a tad gay or even a little glitter pixel of gay. I can’t tell you how many men I’ve seen hug and another man nearby says, ‘That was so gay.'” – Part 1

The F Word – Part 2

“I have mastered the ability to blend in with straight people; they rarely suspect I’m gay. In the Christian world, being gay is right up there with child molester.” – Part 2

The F Word – Part 3

“Because you have to understand, I can manage the same-sex attraction part… However, you can’t manage the isolation, the fear and dread of someone finding out and losing that relationship. You see, we, the Strugglers, the Forever Singles don’t get a family. The hardest part is not being someone’s first. You married people out there, your spouse picked you. You are their first priority. We Strugglers don’t have that luxury. We are an afterthought, the Eternal Third Wheel.  Our loneliness is our miry pit.” – Part 3


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