She Said Yes!

This past week has been insane.  On Tuesday I got a text from my friend Luke asking if I wanted to go drive with him to Mission Viejo.  He told me as we were leaving that we were off to pick up his engagement ring.  Little did I realize, that this little task would end up taking the entire week and in the end, lead to him getting engaged.

As we were driving, we talked about when he would actually propose to his girlfriend.  As we tossed around dates, we realized that the only time that would work would be that Saturday.  From that point, all the planning was initialized and we basically didn’t stop working till last night, after the engagement party.  While being unemployed has its negative elements, it was great how I was available to help out my friend, especially since he had to work during the day and there was no way we could have accomplished everything we did in four days.  I worked my tail off, to the point where I didn’t even finish till 3 a.m. on Thursday night.  In the end, all the work paid off.  The proposal was awesome and a complete surprise.  Most importantly, she said yes.

For me personally, this is the second engagement that I have been involved in with my close friends.  The last one, I was asked to join my friend in helping pick out and eventually designing the engagement ring.  I really appreciate the opportunity to be involved in my friend’s lives in such a way.   Usually it is rather difficult having friends start dating and become fully involved in their significant other.  I recognize that it is a completely natural and normal part of life, however as a guy dealing with S.S.A. it is a sad cycle of feeling as though I have to say farewell to each and everyone of my close friends.  Being asked to be apart of the engagements really has been a message of inclusion for me into a very important part of their lives.

I am extremely thankful for these moments.  I have no clue what the future holds for my friendship with Luke, especially once he gets married.  However, in moment where I could easily find myself depressed or doubtful, I try to see this as a bit of hope for our friendship.  I don’t want to end up negative to every engagement or marriage, but come to a place where I can be happy for my friends as they move on to new stages in life.  In my case with Luke, I can honestly say that I am happy for him.


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